For me, being a portrait artist is about being timeless and classic with flair. I am considered tradional versus journalistic as that comes mostly from working with my father my entire life and loving his style.

All portraits are done on location in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. I live in the South Bay of Morgan Hill on a beautiful ranch of 4 1/2 acres with my husband, Nigel, two Arabians, Finn and Hot Wheels, our dog Odin, and 2 cats in love named GiGi and Jett. Our property is a fantastic setting of scenery with soft light for portraits or if you have a favorite destination, let's go there. I like to do a phone or in person consultation to discuss your needs to see if I am right for you. The session goes for whatever time it takes, but is usually around one hour. Next, we meet again preferably at your home so I can view your style, where you want your portrait, possible frames for your wall decor all done right after a slideshow of up to 15 images. Most clients invest around $1500 on average but if you have a budget, I'll do my best to give you a portrait you can't live without. It will be what you grab first if a fire comes knocking. I am extremely personalized and love to spend whatever amount of time is needed for a client to have a portrait that they will treasure forever. All of my work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. My animals love me so much and I love having them looking beautiful and elegant in my home. They make me smile. How about you?